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Shifting between the tangible and the digital, I create artworks that explore the relation between people, space, time, matter, and technology. Currently, I am mostly using the internet as the platform of creation, as well as installation and drawing.

As a woman artist ( with multiple origins - cultures and languages ​​) having lived in several countries, I learned that my "natural" world is constructed, my personal world is collective, and my judgments are not fixed.

Mes dessins sont mes études préliminaires pour mes installations. J’utilise des formes organiques, presque microscopiques, des traces, des gestes de mon corps, des couleurs, des agglomérations, des tâches, des lignes, pour lier et couper les éléments.

I seek to explore the idea of ​​noise and resonance in their permanent changes: they are formed and connected by the dissemination of information from multiple sources which cause entanglement of internal and external paths.


Lives and work in France since 2002.
German Indonesian

I am a visual artist and front-end developer based in Saint -Denis . German and Indonesian origin , I was born in Colombo and grew up in Indonesia where I did my medical studies. I started my career in Contemporary Art in Singapore, obtained Master of Arts in Fine Art from RMIT ( Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology) in 1999 , and have taught at one of the premier Fine Art School in Singapore - LASALLE College of the Arts from 1997 to mid-2002. I received ' Prix de Sculpture' (Sculpture award) from the 48th Salon Montrouge in 2003. I met Philippe Delaunay in 2007 during a collective exhibition at Galerie du Haut Pavé, Paris . Ph.D is an avid art collector and he invited me to participate at a group exhibition he organized at the Ministry of Culture in Paris , and then at civil Museum of Contemporary Art in Acri , Italy. A few years later, he invited several artists to meet regularly once a month at his place, among his Art collection.

And the adventure continues ...


Selected exhibition


  • Il est midi à l’heure de maintenant II, Galerie NextLevel, Paris.
  • LMQTP,4ème édition, Synesthésie, Saint-Denis
  • Il est midi à l’heure maintenant, Galerie Françoise Besson, Lyon
  • Un dimanche après midi rue de Seine, Galerie Olivier Nouvellet, Paris.


  • LMQTP,3ème édition, Synesthésie, Saint-Denis.
  • Petits Volumes Galerie du Haut Pavé, Paris.
  • Petits Papiers Galerie du Haut Pavé, Paris.


  • Accrochage chez Philippe Delaunay, dans le cadre de l’association « A vol d’oiseau du cercle » Paris
  • (n')AYEZ (pas) PEUR, Golden Brain , Paris.


  • Assises 101 sedute in opera, Musée civil d’Art Contemporain, Acri, Italie


  • Assises. Cent une chaises-œuvres, Ministère de la Cultures et de la Communication, Paris
  • De rendez-vous en rendez-vous. Galerie du Haut Pavé, Paris.
  • Rhizome. Une exposition de sculpture et installation de Marc Guillermin et de Saraswati Gramich. 60Adada, Saint-Denis, France