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Painting outside any conceptual reference close to an American post abstract-expressionism, the artwork of Étienne Zucker work is inspired by 20th centuries primitivism, Munch symbolism or German postwar expressionism.

Fascinated by spaces where the relation of man to nature is constantly at risk, Étienne Zucker often painted wild and undefined, abandoned places, human figure crosses between the layers of images and transparency. Étienne Zucker composes his paintings using various photographic sources: movies, newspapers, postcards, tourist brochures, advertisement.

In his video, Étienne Zucker continues his work as a painter. He combines drawings, photographs, Based on a work video overlay material - game textures, pure images and mixed effects of solarization, halo, developed roaming.

His works fall outside an unambiguous reading. They always suggest a distance with a subject.

Etienne zucker graduated from École nationale supérieure des beaux-arts in Paris, and work in Montreuil


Lives and works in Montreuil

Selected Exhibitions


  • Collective exhibition galerie Besson Lyon
  • Collective exhibition Galerie New level, Paris


  • Solo exhibition Galerie La Tangente, Marseille


  • Collective exhibition émergente 42 à Breteuil, Paris


  • Solo exhibition Galerie Plume, Paris
  • Collective exhibition Fiac OFF emergent Paris


  • Installations Vidéo Chateau De Vincennes


  • Collective exhibition GU , Marseille


  • Residence at centre culturel français de Brême
  • Collective exhibition La générale, Paris
  • Exposition collective Bluetenweiss, Berlin


  • Collective exhibition à la Maison des Relations internationales, Montpellier
  • Solo exhibition galerie In Partibus, paris
  • Collective exhibition galerie Friche et nous la paix, paris


  • Solo exhibition galerie Porte Avion, Marseille
  • Solo exhibition galerie Friche et nous la paix, Paris


  • Solo exhibition galerie Delta, Paris